Wonderful Salamanca

Salamanca is the ideal place for a school trip. It is beautiful, very Spanish and safe.

The Spanish spoken here is pure and accent free in Spain, making it easier to understand and copy than that of regions with strong inflections like Andalucía or even competing local languages such as Catalan.

Home to one of the oldest universities in the country, its 30,000 strong student body bring a buzzing atmosphere to the place.

Picture postcard on every corner, golden Salamanca is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.  In the old city, where LOLA is located, churches, palaces and cathedrals jostle for space and the jewel in the crown, the Plaza Mayor, is considered the finest square in the Spanish-speaking world. Students quickly become fond of it as a meeting place and the focus of Salamancan life.

The city is extremely well looked after and, unlike some of Spain’s larger cities, practically free of crime. Parents can be reassured that their children will be able to walk around, after dark as well, and feel relaxed and confident. There is no need for cabs or public transport as nothing is more than 20 minutes walking distance away.

Plaza Mayor de Salamanca, España.

Your  students will quickly fall in love with Salamanca and feel at home  by their second day.

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  • Beautiful, historic, the Real Spain
  • Safe, walkable
  • Clear accent-free Spanish


Salamanca in brief:

  • World Heritage City
  • Region: Castile-Léon
  • Population: 150 000
  • Student population: 30 000


Average Temperature:

  • January 9 ºC,
  • March 15 ºC, May 21 ºC, July 29 ºC,
  • September 23 ºC, November 13 ºC


By coach from Madrid: 2,5 hours