Most of our school groups do one or two week courses. College students stay up to a month.

Students generally study in lessons with others from their school group, unless they are in a different year from their traveling peers in which case they will be assigned to another group’s lessons.
Course contents are based on home year and curriculum which is Pre GCSE, GCSE, A levels in the case of the UK, Pre Learning Cert and Leaving Cert  for Ireland,  Highers for Scotland or IB for international schools and Pre Abitur and Abitur for Germany. We aim to provide revision for material studied at school in an interactive way using apps, games and our own learning videos. All students receive a study booklet, though quite a lot of class material is projected.

We encourage you to make suggestions as to what they would like us to focus on in terms of structures and topics.

Group size is on average 10 students and lessons generally run from 10 am til 1330 (4 lessons) though 5 lessons per day with a 9 am start are also possible.

LOLA Spanish teachers have a degree in Spanish Philology and many have a Masters in ELE (Español como Lengua Extranjera).
They are dynamic, hard-working and selected for their ability to engage with youngsters, adopting a smiley-firm approach which works very well.

Are the classes in Spanish?
Yes, always. This ensures true immersion. Our teachers are masters of mime and role play rendering translation unnecessary.

How long are lessons? They are 45 minutes long, with breaks in between each one.