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To sum up
Why bring your students to Spain?
  • Intensive, effective Spanish blast!
  • Lovely Spain makes students love Spanish
  • More Spanish at 6th Form & 1st choice uni places
Why choose LOLA Languages?
  • 30 years + experience & close-knit team
  • Great value & helpful partner
  • Lovely central location in historic Salamanca
  • Personable teachers & small groups of 10
  • In-depth knowledge of school curriculum
  • Mix of fun, exam prep, practical Spanish
  • Students in 2's, 3's or 4's
  • Homestays within 20 minutes walk of LOLA
  • Rigorous vetting, selection & feedback protocols
  • Pick and choose from big variety
  • Top instructors, great restaurants and friendly guides
  • Fun, compelling, safe, Spanish experiences
  • Tailor-make your stay with the activity menu
  • No surcharge for little groups
  • Great value for money
Wonderful Salamanca
  • Beautiful, safe, walkable
  • Clear Spanish spoken
  • Historic, "Real Spain"
Transport - flights and coaches
  • 2.5 hour coach journey to Salamanca
  • Stop offs in Madrid, Segovia & more
  • Can do flights too!
Our visitors
  • Groups from all over the world
  • Especially popular with school groups from UK, Italy and Germany
  • University groups tend to stay two or more weeks
LOLA's privileged location
  • On attractive square in historic centre
  • Lessons in a restored convent
  • Modern, bright classrooms with spectacular views
LOLA team
  • Properly qualified & expert
  • Genuinely friendly, flexible & sensible
  • Close knit & long standing